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The Wedding

Fragrences, Skin & Body Care

These special creations are painted within the computer using my

photography as base. They are not done by template. They take

copous amounts of time only saving drying time over that of

a painter that works of canvas. It is not possible to exactly

reproduce any particular concept because of this. There are

continual variaqtions on the theme. I will make an of the works

contained upon my links or you may send me your full size, camera

RAW files for me to reviewin order to paint for you.


All works copywrited.

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Freeware, Artistic Global Alignment to The Heart of The Flower

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Maui, Hawaii  Ioa Valley



Romantic Orchids of Maui, Hawaii
Les Techniques  New Age
Les Techinques, Swoon Dance



Hana, Hawaii   Black SAnd Beach Pastel

Hana, Hawaii-Black Sand Beach-Pastel

Hana Maui Blacfk Sand Beach Primary

Hana, Hawaii-Black Sand Beach Primary

Hana Maui Black Sand Beach Monet Style

Hana, Haiwaii-Black Sand Beach Monet Style

Kula, Hawaii  The Lavender Farm

Maui, Hawaii-The Lavender Farm-Pastel

Hana, Hawaii-The Lavende3r FRarm-Primary

Maui, Hawaii-The Lavender Farm-Primary

Monet Style

Maui, Hawaii-The Lavender Farm-Monet Style


Maui, Hawaii-Romantic Orchid of Maui-Primary

Maui,Hawaii-RomanticOrchids of Maui-Primary

Mau,i Hawaii; Romantic Orchids of Maui, Monet Style

Maui, Hawaii; Romantic Orchids of Maui; Monet Style


Hqana, Hawaii-Kula Lodge-Primary

Maui, Hawaii-Kula Lodge-Primary

Maui Hawaii, Kula Lodge, Monet Style

Maui Hawaii; Kula Lodge; Monet Style

Hana, Hawaii  Seven Sacred PoolsHana, Hawaii--The Seven Sacred Pools-Pastel

Hana, Hawaii, Seven Sacred Pools-Primary

Hana, Hawaii--The Seven Sacred Pools-Primary


Pua Magique  Watercolor

Pua Magique - Watercolor - The Heart of The Flower

Pua Magic Primary

Pua Magic - The Heart of The Flower-Primary

Pua Magic-Monet Style

Pua Magic -The Heart of The Flower- Monet Style

Promotional Material

The entire story of this Hawaiian's Children's book is shown within a singular image to be seen on an overhead projector. The little pointed hat, part of the story, was created by making Wonton's and placing it upon the child's head.

Book Illustration, Promo
Rack Card, Promo
One Man Show depicted within a singular image for this Rack Card
Belly Dancing, Event Photograqphy

Event Photography, Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing, Event Photography

Event Photogrqaphy

Photography, creating, painting within the computer, techniques of innumerable varities

a speciality.Samples above of Les Techniques

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Wedding Photography and Painting




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